Frequently Asked Questions:

We are happy to announce that optical testing was completed with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the Series 2 iPro Lenses are working great!

We are now in the final stages of product development for the new cases required to use the iPro Lens System for these phones.  Once everything is finalized, production will begin and you’ll soon be enjoying the iPro Lens System on your new iPhone!  We will bring you updates via our Website, Social Media sites, and through our newsletter.  If you would like to receive news of product releases or to be informed when products can be pre-ordered, please sign up below.  We promise not to share your information with anyone or inundate you with unnecessary emails.

(Please note: We do not anticipate the cases to be ready before the Holidays.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.)

Due several body style constraints of these devices, we do not have plans to create support for these devices at this time.
Yes. Please make sure you purchase the iPhone® 5/5S iPro Case for Series 1 lenses available at this link . This will ensure proper spacing of your lenses for the best quality photos.
Click on the Register link on the left hand side of this site or follow this link. Remember – by registering your iPro Lens System, you are automatically upgraded from a 1 year limited warranty to a 2 year limited warranty. You’ll also receive emails for any new iPro Lens System products. (We will not give your information to outside sources.)
(Please remember that in Video mode, the iPhone® does not use the full sensor size, therefore it crops the image and extends the appearance of the focal length.)
Super Wide14mm19mm
We would love to say that the iPro lenses will work with all future iPhone®s. But we have no way of knowing what the new phones will be like. Be assured, as soon as new iPhone®s are released the iPro team will test the lenses, and we will announce our findings. (If all that is needed is a new case we will make the necessary adjustments to the new form factor and have those available ASAP.)
We have now added the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the iPro line. We will continue to monitor the large variety of Android and Google phones and will add cases for the phones that work well with the iPro Lenses.
Yes, we currently have several international dealers and distributors for the iPro Lens System and more are being added on. Please click here to see a list of international dealers and distributors.
Yes. All components are available individually, including the lenses. Please click here to purchase individual parts.
We have an amazing iPro lens community on! ( Over 20,000 images have been tagged on our page with an eclectic group of photos from a growing community of iPhone®ographers. Feel free to join our community by hash tagging your iPro lens pics with #iprolens. In addition, tag which lens you used: #wideangle, #superwide, #fisheye, #2xtele, or #macro.
The iPro Case is designed to fit the phones snuggly in order to maintain optical performance. Some screen protectors will interfere with the case. either causing the case to not go on or the screen protector to become damaged. If you choose to use a screen protector, please make sure there is a 1/8" clearance around the pertmeter of the phone.