Professional Mobile Photography Lens

A lens system worthy of your smartphone.

Each lens is precision made to ensure the best possible images. The housings are precision machined from aluminum alloy and anodized for durability. The elements are painstakingly ground and polished from high grade optical glass. To avoid any chance of flare, they’re painted on the edge and have a multilayer anti-reflection coat. And the bayonet mounting system makes changing the lenses quick and easy.
This year, 2013, marks Century Precision Optics’ 65th anniversary in the film and video market worldwide. During that time, they have won numerous prestigious awards. We are proud to continue Century’s tradition of professional quality photography materials with our five new iPro lenses.

The iPro Lens System uses the same remarkable engineering as Century’s professional digital video lenses. They increase either the width or the telephoto capabilities of your phone and provide full edge-to-edge sharpness and zoom-through capabilities, even while shooting video. The iPro lenses are specifically designed for use with your smartphone and are made from high-quality materials and glass.