What Can You See With a Telescope

What Can You See with a Telescope?

Now, if you’re buying a telescope for the first time, the first question you’re likely to ask is exactly what can you see with a telescope? And, why exactly? Because one, telescopes are quite expensive and two, you’ll be eager to observe the heavens beyond what your normal eyes can see. Telescopes are truly phenomenal …

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How to Tell if Oakleys are Real

How to Tell if Oakleys are Real

Since introducing their first pair of sunglasses back in 1984, Oakley has pushed the perceived limitations by building some of the most technologically advanced glasses and sunglasses on the globe. But, despite the massive achievement, Oakley sunglasses have continued to face one huge setback—an increase in imitations and counterfeits. What this means is that it’s …

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Types of Telescope

Different Types of Telescope

The solar system is a wonderful, exciting and vibrant space that’s filled with eye-catching sceneries such as the planets, the comets, black holes, asteroids, and quasars just to name a few. When it comes to astronomy, the telescope has been the backbone in the study of the stars and the entire solar system for ions …

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What is Liquid Lens Technology

What is Liquid Lens Technology?

If you can remember, some decades back, taking high-quality photographs required one to own an expensive high-standard camera with very expensive lenses. As if it wasn’t enough, the operator required to have some advanced skills and know-how of how to focus and re-focus the camera in case the subject moved. However, following a rise in …

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How Do Binoculars Work

How Do Binoculars Work?

Just like other discoveries, binoculars are an idea that once became a reality. With its roots dating back to the 1600s, this brilliant invention underwent numerous improvements that made it what it is today. For instance, a French inventor J.P. Lemiere applied for a patent for the binoculars in 1825. However, in 1854, a major …

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Parts of a Chainsaw

Parts of a Chainsaw

Why should you study parts of a chainsaw? Answer me. I bet one of your correct responses is that understanding parts of a chainsaw will enable you to put a chainsaw into the right use. Again, deep knowledge of parts of a chainsaw will enable you to exercise proper maintenance of this wonderful tool. What’s …

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